Nine out of 10 fans believe ticket prices are too high

Survey conducted by the Football Supporters Federation reveals fans feel the cost of going to matches across the country is too expensive which may leave empty seats in Stadiums

Nine out of 10 football fans believe ticket prices across the country are too high, according to a survey conducted by the Football Supporters Federation.

Supporters from 130 clubs from all over the United Kingdom undertook the survey and 73 per cent agreed strongly that prices are far too expensive while 19% slightly agreed. Only 3% were satisfied with prices.

Due to these prices, four out of 10 people admitted they had missed games because of the cost of attending matches but only one in five of respondents to the survey admitted they had complained to their club about this.

Malcolm Clarke, chair of the FSF, believes the wealth in the game shows there’s no excuse for these financial demands and feels football maybe taking a risk charging the amount with the risk of empty stadiums looming.

He said: “There’s a huge amount of wealth swilling among Premier League clubs thanks to TV rights or sponsorship deals and there’s no excuse to keep charging the prices they often do.

“It’s about time that match-going fans were rewarded with lower prices rather than having to fork out as much as £50 or £60 to watch their team at some grounds. That’s just for ‘normal’ seats too – not a prawn sandwich in sight.

“But it’s not just the top-flight where fans face high prices – those in the Championship and beyond can face similar hurdles in following their teams. We look on with envy at the prices our continental cousins pay in leagues like the Bundesliga.

“We’re not asking the football industry to do something out of the goodness of its heart, self-interest should play a part too as those huge TV deals will disappear if stadiums begin to look empty.

“The game is playing Russian roulette when it comes to attracting younger fans who might start voting with their feet to become “pub only” fans, or even turn their backs on the game altogether.”

The general rise in prices has caused fans to look elsewhere to watch their football, with 59% revealing they watch the game illegally on the internet and 51% have watched the game illegally at the pub.

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