Borini: I cut my holiday short to join up with Liverpool

The Italy international also highlighted the importance of Brendan Rodgers' presence at Anfield and he is pleased to link up with him again after spells at Chelsea and Swansea

New Liverpool signing Fabio Borini has revealed he cut his holiday short in order to integrate with his new team-mates following a move from Roma.

The Italy international was entitled to a month of holiday due to being involved with his nation’s Euro 2012 campaign, but he returned early as he did not feel he needed so much time off.

The former Chelsea man also felt it was important to get himself as comfortable in the club as possible so he can be with his new team.

Borini told the club's official website: "I chose to come early because I think it's important to be with the team, especially because I'm a new player. I could have had a month [off] but I didn't play at the Euros.

"I chose to come early to get used to the team and adapt more quickly. I am desperate to get started.

"It was good, nice to be back and playing some football with the boys, with the English boys who were at the Euros. To play as a Liverpool player and see the fans outside was very nice.

"The England boys were really nice with me. The first person I saw was Glen Johnson. I spoke with him a little bit, and with Steven Gerrard as well. They were really friendly with me."

Borini also spoke about his admiration for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers whom he worked with in the youth and reserve ranks at Chelsea, as well as during a loan-spell at Swansea.

He continued: "First of all he is a good person outside of football, and it's important to work with good people.

"As a manager he is great. He knows what he is going to do every single day, he is very organised.

"You can see at the training ground, he gets there early and he really wants to work and improve every day.

"I think he is the kind of manager players love to play for. I love to play for him.

"We are very close. When he was working at Swansea, he'd text after I scored twice, and I'd text when he achieved good results with Swansea, when he beat the big teams.

"It's a good relationship as a friend, as human beings, and then as a working relationship."

The 21-year-old added that he was pleased to be back in England following his previous spells with Chelsea and Swansea, noting that football is more “fun” in the United Kingdom.

He added: "I like the way the English people see football as a game and not as a job. I always wanted to play football because it was fun. It's not my job, properly. It's my fun.

"Football is my life. I chose to leave my family when I was 16 - that's the biggest choice I've made and it was the right choice because of the place I'm at now.

"It was very difficult at first. After three months I wanted to leave because I was really afraid, I was missing everything - my friends and family.

"I rang my family and they told me that it was what I had to do, that I had to go on and be stronger and stronger. After six months when I learned English it went from there.

"I am not bringing anyone this time. I'm alone. Always alone. I have always done it on my own so it won't be a problem."

The forward also spoke about his preferred position, noting that he sees himself as a central striker primarily, but he is willing to play anywhere along the frontline.

"I can play anywhere up front," he stated. "I prefer central because I have more space and can make more movements, but I can play for any occasion, on the right or left.

"That's good for me because I am not restricted. When I was at Swansea I played on the left wing as well."