Abou Diaby insists his Arsenal career is not over

The Frenchman has barely played an hour of football this season after an ankle injury restricted his game time but he insists he is not a lost cause
Abou Diaby has insisted his Arsenal career is not over despite coming off injured in his comeback appearance against Liverpool last week.

The Frenchman had played only 26 minutes this season prior to the match at Anfield due to an ankle injury but was withdrawn not long after coming on as a second-half replacement for Mikel Arteta.

However, Diaby has rejected suggestions he is a lost cause, claiming he must work on his body to alleviate his problems.

He told the club's official website: "A lot of things have been said and written about me and I wanted to tell the truth about my situation.

"People say that I’m fragile and although I understand why, I am not fragile.

"I have had three operations on my ankle, all for different problems but the result of that was that my body is unbalanced, especially in my legs. 
I have overused one over the other and to put everything back in place is not easy.

"I get injured. It’s a fact but when people tell you you're fragile, it hurts. Today my ankle is twice as big because of the surgery.

"My problem is a biomechanical problem. I need to work daily on how to
 rebalance my body."

The 25-year-old admitted questioning his desire to carry on at times but says he will not let his latest setback ruin his chance to get back into the squad.

He continued: "I am not scared for the rest of my career. I still have a big future. 

"Physically, I really feel very good, like a beast. Unfortunately, I had that little problem at Liverpool but it’s nothing serious and I will start running again at the end of the week.
"There have been times where I thought about stopping my career. You always
 ask yourself a lot of questions in those moments.

"It’s hard mentally and I had to be strong. But quickly, I went back to a very positive attitude. I know I am going to be fine. I am not a cheat. I have always worked very hard to come back.

"I have never had any apprehension playing football but I have to say that last season I feared a bit to play. It was so important for me to come back to my best level and to avoid getting injured again that I had this little apprehension."

The France international also believes it is his "destiny" to be a footballer and underlined his desire to push himself through this difficult period.

"For me, my injuries are a task sent by God," he added.

“I need to go through them to achieve the goals and the dreams that I have in my career. It’s my destiny. I am privileged. Some people have worse problems than me so I cannot complain.

"I am hungry and strong mentally. All those hard times have strengthened me. I know there is a lot of expectation around me and some pressure but it’s a challenge for me to come back to my best level.
"I have never been as motivated as I am now. I want to prove to everybody, and especially to myself, that I can do it. I have faith in what I am doing. I will never give up and I know that I will come out of this tunnel."