Matthias Sammer hits out at England's Fabio Capello after recruitment criticisms

The Italian had accused Germany of stealing young Turkish talent, a claim the director denied while praising their policy of taking the best players no matter what their heritage
Germany technical director Matthias Sammer has blasted Fabio Capello's criticisms of dual-national players appearing for the country, saying that the policy was just a reflection of the multicultural nature of German society.

The England manager launched a strong criticism of Germany's recruitment strategy, singling out the use of dual-nationals Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira as a particularly objectionable move.

Sammer reacted angrily to Capello's statements, insisting that there was nothing unethical about their selection policy.

"We recruit from anywhere," he told Bild.

"I cannot understand the statements, the sport only responds to developments in society. When we open our doors to players with a migrant background, we welcome everyone. That is the role of sport."

Capello had been speaking at an international football conference in Dubai and was adamant that the Germans should not be able to give players from other countries clearance to play in the national team.

"These players get new passports. Germany have five players with Turkish roots who chose to play for Germany. And we all know what happened," the Italian manager fired, before urging Uefa head Michel Platini to take action.