Manchester United’s Edwin van der Sar insists Champions League final defeat to Barcelona will not haunt him

The 40-year-old is happy with achievements in football and confident he will not head into retirement dwelling on Saturday's defeat at Wembley in the final match of his career
Manchester United's retiring goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar has brushed off suggestions he may be haunted by Saturday's Champions League final defeat to Barcelona in the last match of his career, insisting he has already made his peace with the result.

United were comprehensively beaten 3-1 by the Spanish giants at Wembley, in a result which many observers have claimed assures Pep Guardiola's team of a place among the greatest club sides of all time.

The defeat was a less than ideal way for Van der Sar, who has long since revealed his decision to hang up his gloves at the end of the season, to sign off an illustrious career which has yielded major honours in the Netherlands and Italy as well as Old Trafford.

But when asked whether the pain of defeat on the biggest stage in his final professional match would stay with him well into retirement, the Dutchman was light-hearted and philosophical.

"I don't think I'll sit down and reflect and get emotional," the 40-year-old told reporters. "I'm quite relaxed. S*** happens!

"It would have been great to have gone out with a win but it didn't happen. We're disappointed, but that's life - sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

"I'm okay. It's is not too bad. I expected maybe more emotion but this is the right time for me to retire and I'm happy with my decision."

He added: "It took them [Barcelona] 20 minutes to get into the game, so at least we doubled that from Rome.

"After equalising, you hope the game is still open. We didn't start the second half well, we were on the back foot again.

"You have to keep going and follow them, instead of having them having to chase us.

"I think you can stop them - they've lost a couple of times this season, so they are stoppable - but they're a very good side with some excellent players. They are a really good team."

Atletico Madrid's David de Gea has been lined up to succeed Van der Sar, but the Dutchman admits that he does not know much about the goalkeeper.

"I haven't really seen that much of him but I'm sure they've done all their homework," said Van der Sar.

"If they've seen him enough then they must think he's the right guy. It's like going from one end of the spectrum to the other [in terms of De Gea's age]."

Van der Sar also revealed that he plans to take a year out before returning to football.

"I've done some coaching badges in England, but I'm not sure if I'm going to finish them," he said. "I've put myself forward to do that in Holland as well, but maybe it's too soon.

"I think I want to take a year out. I want to watch some games with some friends on a Saturday and have a nice meal, then watch a game on Sunday, play some golf and have some family time.

"It will probably be very hard. It's not going to be easy.

"I have some friends in the game who retired five or six years ago, so I've exceeded my expectations by two or three seasons, so it's not a big problem."

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