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64-year-old has also received three other managerial jobs...

Fabio Capello has admitted that he is not expecting a joyful welcome when him and his England team walk out onto the Wembley pitch on Wednesday night.

The friendly against Hungary will be the first time Capello and his players will face the fans since the disastrous World Cup campaign which ended at the hands of a 4-1 thrashing by Germany.

In an attempt to help the innocent new arrivals, Capello is planning to pick the guilty players in his starting line-up.

"The first XI will be players who were at the World Cup," he told the Press Association.

"This is sure because, like me, they have to take the booing.

"I expect boos. Why not? We win together, we lose together.

"Always, I respect the crowd but I am the boss. They have to boo me like the players."

Once the fans have decided their message has been roundly delivered the likes of Kieran Gibbs and Jack Wilshere will be entered into the fray as a new era of England internationals beginnings.

But before that happens, Capello still rued on past experiences, particularly the infamous ‘goal that never was’ in the aforementioned Germany match.

"If the referee had whistled for the goal, it is possible that would have changed the World Cup for us," he said.

"As a manager, there have been lots of occasions when the first half is a disaster but the second half changed completely. If you asked me why this happened, I wouldn't know.

"Before the World Cup we played against all the top teams apart from Argentina and Brazil were the best.

"In the first half against Holland they played very well, scored one goal and had a lot of chances. In the second half, after Holland equalised, the game changed completely.

"All these Brazil players with so much experience, played without confidence and with fear.

"For this reason, it was probably important Lampard's goal was given."

"Managing England is not easy. I want to try again and go forward. I am here to win the Euros. I think we are a good team. We are a good team. I have confidence in this team. I don't like to work for anyone without expectations.

"I want to win something. It is always in my mind.

Fabio Capello has also admitted that he received three offers from other clubs to take up the position of manager following the World Cup 2010, with one expected to be at least Inter Milan.

Capello's renegotiated his contract with the Football Association ahead of the World Cup to remove an escape clause which would have allowed the termination of the Italian’s contract after the tournament for a lower compensation.

Despite the disastrous World Cup campaign, the Italian remains in charge with the backing of the FA as the 64-year-old gets ready to face the England fans for the first time since the 4-1 thrashing at the hands of Germany.

"Yes," said the Italian when asked if he had received offers. "Only three."

"They were from important clubs but I don't want to speak about them because I respect the managers who are working there now."

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