Sol Campbell Believes He Can Play Two More Years At Arsenal

Centre-back thinks he can still cut it...
Sol Campbell believes that he can manage another two years of football at the top level and wants to spend that time with Arsenal.

The 35-year-old was signed on a short-term deal in January until the end of the season, but played an important and influential role as injuries bit into Arsene Wengers' squad.

“I fancy staying, of course I do," Campbell told the Gunners' official website.
"I want to stay and I want to give it my all for at least another year. I could do two but the manager never gives out two. We always want a little bit more! Give me one year and I’ll work every day and try to win a trophy and bring some kind of glory back to Arsenal.
"Deep inside I feel I’ve got two real gritty years left in me, the years in which I can affect things. If I’m in the team I can really make a difference. I know that. And after two years I will look at it again and we’ll see.
"After that I might only be able to play games here and there, who knows, but I think I can be an influence and be positive and win games and be strong for two years."

Campbell also confirmed that talks regarding a new deal at the Emirates were already under way.

"We will sit down, it has started and we will try to thrash something out," he added.

"The negotiations are either going to be done in a week or two or it might take until July – you just don’t know how things will pan out. We’ll have to see how Arsene sees me at the club."

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