Ray Parlour Praises Arsene Wenger's Transfer Policy At Arsenal

Arsenal's former tenacious midfielder also commented that the two departed players must be replaced...
While the notion of Arsenal, an established Champions League side for the past decade, being a selling club continues to be bandied around the press and football fans, former Gunners midfielder Ray Parlour has instead opted to praise Arsene Wenger's ability to turn a profit on the transfer market.

Kolo Toure was bought by the Frenchman for a meagre £150,000, but if reports are to believed, Arsenal are set to sell him for 100 times that amount, as suggestions from esteemed media outlets such as the BBC indicate that a £15 million transfer from Arsenal to Manchester City is nearing completion.

"It's a big blow," Parlour, himself a loyal and dependable servant to the Gunners, lamented to Sky Sports News. "He's been there for nine years and he's a very good player.

"It's good money for Arsenal... there are a lot of centre-halves out there that you could get in there who are on the better side of 25, and Arsene Wenger will be hopefully looking at that," he said.

"He's got services of a player for nine years and he's got amazing money for him. Look at Nicolas Anelka! No one can knock [Wenger] in the transfer market!

"You do need to replace them, though. The squad is lighter and they needed two or three players anyway."

Wenger has long been known to make large profits on players he has bought for paltry sums. French striker Nicolas Anelka, now at Chelsea, was bought from Paris Saint-Germain for £500,000 yet was sold less than 18 months later for £23m.

More recently, Wenger acquired Champions League runner-up with Monaco, Emmanuel Adebayor, for £3m, and made a profit of £22m.

Alan Dawson, Goal.com