Michael Chopra Told Me To Join Birmingham City - Roger Johnson

Former Bluebirds team-mate Michael Chopra convinced Roger Johnson to join the Premier League club...
Roger Johnson, who joined Birmingham City in a £5 million deal last week, has revealed how he turned to former team-mate Michael Chopra for advice.

Speaking to The Western Mail, Johnson spoke of his dilemma at leaving a club he loved for the Premier League.

"I loved playing for Cardiff, loved the fans, and giving up on all that wasn’t as easy as perhaps some people have made out," he insisted. "In the end I just wanted to play Premier League football.

"I spoke to ‘Chops’ [Michael Chopra] about the deal and he just said to me I had to go for it. It was difficult for him up there [at Newcastle United and Sunderland] and, for whatever reason, it didn’t work out for him the way he would have liked."

Johnson believes he has what it takes to become a successful Premier League player, despite seeing Chopra struggle.

"People said I wouldn’t cut it in the Championship and some said I wouldn’t even make it as a professional. I proved them wrong and I’m happy to keep doing it if I have to," he stated.

Anthony Wright, Goal.com