Michel Platini Slams Real Madrid's 'Excessive' Pursuit Of Cristiano Ronaldo

The UEFA boss is not happy with the manner in which the summer transfer market is shaping up...
The president of UEFA, Michael Platini, often critical of the manner in which sides from the Premier League recklessly throw wages and transfer fees around Europe, has slammed Spanish side Real Madrid for following suit.

The Primera Division runners-up have spent close to €165 million on just two players: Brazilian attacker Kaka and Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo. Platini believes this contradicts the idea of "fair play".

The administrator, himself regarded as one of the finest footballers during his playing days with Juventus and France, told AFP, "These excessive transfers are happening almost every day."

Platini is keen to address the fiscal environment of European football and therefore wants to adopt a socialist policy to continental competition by creating a level economic playing field.

"These transfers are a serious challenge to the idea of fair play and the concept of financial balance in our competitions," he complained.

"UEFA is working hard with clubs to set up a new set of rules... to clean up the system and give it a more solid, more transparent base.

"That is our top priority today," he concluded.

Alan Dawson, Goal.com