Patrice Evra: If Cesc Fabregas Wants To Fight, We Can Do So Off-Field

The Manchester United full-back has blasted the Arsenal midfielder for apparently attempting to injure him during a recent clash at Old Trafford...
Manchester United's Patrice Evra has warned Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas that if it's a fight he is looking for, the French international will only be too happy to oblige.

The left-back is unhappy with a tackle made by the Spanish midfielder during the goalless draw at Old Trafford on May 16.

Evra has accused Fabregas, who picked up a booking for the challenge, of trying to injure him so that he would not be fit to play in Wednesday's Champions League final against Barcelona.

"If it amuses you to hit people, you do boxing, you do taekwondo, whatever you want. But you don't play football," Evra is quoted as saying by The Sun.

"We will see each other again off the pitch and there will not be a referee to give me a red card.

"I was really disappointed. Everyone understood that he wanted to hurt me."

The former Monaco star believes that the 22-year-old took exception to his comments that the Champions League semi-final between the two clubs had been like boys against men after Manchester United won 4-1 on aggregate over the two legs.

"It was because of what I said after the Champions League semi-final: 11 boys against 11 men," Evra added.

"I said it and I thought it. But in this world, as soon as you say what you think then you are seen as arrogant."

Away from football, on a rather outlandish tangent, Evra also claimed that he has 24 biological siblings.

"They are not from the same mother, I assure you!" Evra remarked, adding, "My father, he didn't watch the television..."

Ricky Brooks,