Marcel Desailly: Barcelona Will Beat Manchester United

The former Chelsea defender is predicting a close game, but feels the Catalans will prevail in the end...
Barcelona will win a tight game against Manchester United in tomorrow night's Champions League final in Rome, predicts World Cup winning former France international Marcel Desailly.

The ex-Chelsea centre-back thinks that Barca have a fluent, attacking style that he seems to think makes them marginally superior, and favourites to take the trophy back to Catalunya.

"It's 50-50 but I believe Barcelona have something extra," he told UEFA's official website.

"I love the way Barcelona have been entertaining us this year, even a United fan cannot talk badly about them – and I think they will win. For supporters of football I would like to see Barcelona get something out of it because United won it last year and you have to share. As supporters we want to see a great game and this is what it's all about.

"No one was expecting to see United at that level again this season, especially when you look at how they started. They were tired, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave and Sir Alex Ferguson has done really well to bring back that stability into the club and give them peace to work.

"Yes, they have chances – but small ones, because Barcelona for me are really special."

As for the two talismanic stars in each side, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Desailly, like many others, claims to find it impossible to separate the two in terms of their ability, preferring to highlight what each supremely talented individual brings to the table.

"They're top players but neither of them are bigger than their own team" he added.

"They are two elements that can make the difference, but at this level you don't really have one player who can be decisive, [you win] collectively. It will be very difficult for those two because they're under a lot of pressure.

"Let's forget about them; you have Andres Iniesta, who is a magic player, you have Wayne Rooney who is a world-class player already. These are beautiful things that you have to see as well."

Zack Wilson,