Goal.com Readers Had Already Backed Federico Macheda For Success

The world's football website brings with it the world's footballing wisdom. Read on to find out what the supporters had to say about Macheda before his skyrocketing to fame against Aston Villa...
Federico Macheda. He wasn't a household name three hours ago, but he most certainly is now. After scoring a wonder-goal for Manchester United in their 3-2 Premier League win over Aston Villa, the 17-year-old Italian has gained millions of admirers and earned himself a Goal.com Federico Macheda profile.

But that's not to say that he had no backers before. In fact, canny football fans worldwide had already recognised his talent - and you can find many of them right here on Goal.com, courtesy of those who left comments on Federico Macheda's player page.

As early as last December there were supporters singing his praises. A Goal.com reader named 'CROmanc' from Gruda, Croatia, said: "I've watched this guy in a couple of matches and I really think he has the potential to make it."

An anonymous contributor added, "Everytime the reserves play, Macheda always manages to get a goal or two. I always check manutd.com, but I'm wondering why Fergie hasnt given him a chance?"

'Mustrarw' added, "He is a solid player for the reserves and should start."

Through to 2009, a supporter from Dubai said, with admirable prescience, "He looks a bit like (David) Villa, doesn't he?" (Perhaps this guy knew that he'd net like David against a team like Aston Villa), while supporters such as Victor Moneke from Nigeria, David from Dublin and Alagie from Ghana all clamoured for him to be given a chance.

Praise also came from Mo in London, who branded Federico Macheda nothing short of the next Luca Toni. "Mark my words," he emphasised.

That prophecy seems to have come true - at least to start - following Macheda's wonder-goal against Aston Villa. Since then the comments have come thick and fast on Federico Macheda's Goal.com player page.

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Ewan Macdonald, Goal.com