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Considering the controversy surrounding the club's current major sponsor, Manchester United may look to attract an Indian backer...

Manchester United's current shirt sponsor, AIG, could be left with a redundant label as the company may opt to change their name to AIU, even though they have already been bailed out by the US government on a quartet of occasions.

The pair's arrangement expires at the end of next season and, should the contract be fulfilled, United would have earned around $100 million from the deal.

The club's board are set to pursue talks with an Indian conglomerate, Tata Group, and they have already sent a shirt sponsorship deal to the company, which could also see their status in India escalate further.

A brand consultant for Tata Group told Reuters, "There are various sponsorship options, one for the team shirt. This has been going on for some time but nothing has been finalised."

The conglomerate boasts a varied portfolio, which includes interests such as cars, power, hotels, steel and tea.

Manchester United and kit sponsor Nike are already producing next season's shirts, but there is a level of ambiguity over whether AIG's name, or indeed that of AIU, will be emblazoned on the front.

AIG were reportedly interested in discontinuing their association with the reigning world champions of football in the aftermath of the credit crisis but opted against the decision as it would have still cost the company an excessive amount.

Alan Dawson,