Manchester United Defender Rio Ferdinand Salutes Britain's Armed Forces

The England defender has hailed the sacrifices made by his country's servicemen and women...

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand was on duty with the England squad yesterday, meeting some of Britian's disabled ex-servicemen, wounded in recent conflicts, to sign autographs and chat.

He took the time to thank all members of the United Kingdom's Armed Forces for the sacrifices that they made, believing that it put the task ahead of him and his team-mates into perspective.

"They are the heroes," he told The Manchester Evening News.

"You are speaking about people who are going out and risking their lives for the country.

"We have seen so much on TV about how these guys go about their work and the sacrifices they make for our well-being, for us to be able to share the same room is a privilege.

"We know how to play football and lose matches but what they do is a bit different to losing a game of football.

"They are more worthy of the word hero than we are."

Meanwhile, Chelsea defender John Terry, attending the event along with David Beckham and Ferdinand, also spoke of his pride in the veterans' sacrifice, and how he would have liked to have served his Queen and country, though he wasn't sure he was up to it.

"They love their football, they like to look up to us but I would like to be in their shoes and do what they do," the Blues skipper told The Daily Telegraph.

"It's great they want to do that and they are brilliant at their job. I would love to [serve], of course. Put your life on the line for the country – I would love to, but I don't think many of us could."

Zack Wilson,