Hill-Wood Unhappy With Arsenal Captain Fabregas' Behaviour

The Arsenal chairman is displeased with Fabregas' 'unprofessional' attitude.

The aftermath of the Cesc Fabregas spat with Hull City assistant manager Brian Horton continues to stretch on despite the game being put to bed a week ago, as Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has now claimed that he is disappointed with the club captain's behaviour, attitude, and attire, following the referee's final whistle.

Fabregas - casually-dressed in a black jacket and blue jeans - encroached onto the pitch after the 90 minutes to celebrate the club's progression to the semi-final of the FA Cup and, according to reports, spat at the feet of Phil Brown's right-hand man Horton.

The complaint by Hull has been forwarded to the FA, and has been recognised by the League Manager's Association, yet it is an allegation refuted by the Emirates outfit.

Hill-Wood, though, remains displeased, and told the Sunday Mirror, "I have to say that I wasn't impressed with those pictures that appeared.

"We ought to look at that. And I don't think it is a good idea for players who have not been involved in the game to go on the pitch at the end," he added.

The chairman also stated that a dress-code for players not involved with the on-pitch affairs may need to be enforced, and adhered to, in future.

"It is certainly something we ought to look at," Hill-Wood concluded.

Alan Dawson, Goal.com