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The Tigers manager has indicated that he is to put the way he handled the whole spitting allegations down as a learning experience...

Phil Brown and the rest of the ranks at Hull City were in uproar following the alleged unpalatable incidents that unfolded in Arsenal's Emirates tunnel after the Tigers' FA Cup exit.

The Hull boss will use the experience as a learning curve. In the press conference immediately after the game, Arsene Wenger claimed he had witnessed a few skirmishes in his tunnel. However, the Frenchman never brought it to the attention in the interview and now Brown has hinted that he was a little hasty to announce the reported Cesc Fabregas spat.

He told Sky Sports, "I think that’s what footballers are [emotional], and managers tend to get over things and then address the next thing coming at you. And the next thing for us is the Premier League game this weekend."

Regarding the progress of the official complaint levelled against Arsenal and their captain Fabregas, Brown added, "It’s now in the hands of an FA Commission or something. We know what went on. Where the FA is concerned, an enquiry can be made just from a newspaper report."

On the allegations that he could be criticised for bringing the game into dispute for claiming that the referee was swayed by Wenger's calls for a Boaz Myhill booking, Brown said, "I never levelled the word cheat at anybody that night, if people can't handle the truth then that’s their problem.

"It may have been a learning curve for me as a young manager," he reluctantly admitted. "[Adrenaline] was running through my veins, even after 24 hours, so I may rethink about doing that in future.

"What it does show is that we're getting under the skin of some clubs.”

Alan Dawson,