Fabregas Calls For Arsenal Caution

The Spanish international is back to talking about football again...

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has warned the club's players and fans of the dangers of over-enthusiasm as the Gunners' season begins to take a more positive shape than had seemed possible only a few short weeks ago. 

Arsenal are in the top four places of the Premier League table again, and have reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Fabregas, however, is reminding everyone connected with the club that nothing has been won yet.

"In recent games everyone's attitude has changed, the players' and the fans', and you can see that reflected on the pitch," the Catalan explained to Sky Sports News.

"All of the frustration is now turning into enthusiasm for the season - we are also in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and are fourth in the league with nine games to go and a lot of points to win.

"It is good that we are fighting on three fronts and that we are getting our football back on to the top level.

"Now we need to keep it going and improve - a great team is one that always tries to get better and better. We are on the way, and we can't lose that."

And the fear of losing what they have worked so hard to regain should provide the team with the strongest motivation possible, he stressed, concluding, "We are back in fourth place now and need to take care of what we have. We must realise that now we have got it back, we can't lose it again easily.

"We know how hard we have been working for it, and now it would be a big mistake to ease off."

Zack Wilson, Goal.com