Sepp Blatter Concerned About Premier League Mass Appeal

The FIFA president gave his thoughts on the Premier League's dominance...
Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Sepp Blatter voiced his concerns regarding the global domination of England's Premier League.

"I have my concerns because the Premier League is the strongest in the world, definitely," he said.

"It is taking over in such a manner that the other leagues have difficulty matching it."

On top of his primary concerns for other leagues around the world, Blatter made note of the internal imbalance that exists in the Premier League - referring to the fact that only a small group of clubs contest for the title each year.

"In a competition where two-thirds or three-quarters of the participants in the league play not to be first, but not to be relegated, there is something wrong," he claimed.

The FIFA president also attested that the massive amount of foreign players, owners and investors is proving detrimental enough to football elsewhere in the world that his recent proposal of the '6+5' rule would benefit football as a whole.

"I want to try to, if not persuade him [Richard Scudamore, Premier League chief executive], then at least influence him in his thoughts that to have a minimum of local players will enhance the quality of his league," he said.

It is testament to Blatter's argument that only four teams have been victorious since the formation of the Premier League 17 years ago.

The Swiss cited the economic downturn as ammunition for his argument, proposing that foreign investors may be less inclined to spend on clubs in this time of financial chaos.

He added, "At the moment in the economic crisis, maybe the big investors and the big companies will have less money to go in than local or regional investors who will be there because they identify themselves with the club."

Stephen Crawford,