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The Frenchman has issued a message of defiance after yesterday's home draw with Fulham...

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has expressed further disappointment at his side's goalless draw at home to Fulham yesterday, their fifth consecutive draw, but has also insisted that he expects a positive future for his youthful side.

Not for the first time this season, some Gunners fans showed their frustration publicly at the end of yesterday's game by jeering their team off the pitch. The fourth goalless draw in a row has all but ended any feint hopes of challenging for the Premier League title.

But Wenger was defiant though when the discussing the situation with saying, "I don't know [whether the fans are losing faith]. That is not my worry.

"What is important is that I do what I believe is right and we keep going, that we show great attitude and do our job as well as we can, then let everybody judge and have an opinion. I believe it's not the biggest problem, not the biggest worry. The biggest worry is that we don't win games that we should win."

The Frenchman was also clear in his belief that his team had the resourcefulness and strength to come through the challenging times they are currently facing.

"We have been through difficult times, but it's an opportunity to show that you are strong enough to come through it," he added.

"I feel the players are showing enough desire, but when you don't get the results the first thing people always doubt is the desire. I want to win the games and when we don't win the games, it's disappointing.

"Every defeat or every time we don't have a victory is tough. At the moment it's not satisfying, but we will see how strong we are until the end of the season."

With any chance of winning the Premier League gone, Wenger did confess that he was desperate to ensure that the Gunners manage to qualify for the Champions League. He said that the six point gap between themselves and Aston Villa in fourth place must be clawed back as quickly as possible.

"You know how much I want to get into the Champions League. For me, it is not important - it is vital. But you can only play your games and try to win them.

"I want to be in the Champions League because it's the best I can be. If I'm not, then I'm not happy. It's as simple as that.

"You don't play football to be average. I don't manage in the game to be average, and the players want to play at the top."

And, despite the team's problems with injury currently, Wenger will head into Tuesday's trip to West Bromwich Albion with an upbeat message for players and supporters.

"We don't have many opportunities to change things round at the moment," he admitted.

"So we will keep the positives from what we do well and go into the next game to win it. What is good in football is that in three days the story can be completely different."

He must be hoping that Aston Villa continue to wobble like they have been doing in recent weeks.

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