Arsene Wenger's Resistance To FIFA Proposals Could Provide Heavy Clout

As FIFA-proposed legislation begins to be discussed at a meeting in Ireland tomorrow, a number of Premier League managers could provide stiff opposition. Arsene Wenger is one to have already voiced his staunch disapproval...
The International Football Association’s board are meeting in Ireland tomorrow to discuss a number of proposals that have received criticisms from various key figures of the LMA (League Managers Association).

The potential introduction of a ‘sin bin’, together with extending half-time to 20 minutes instead of the normal 15 and a fourth substitute, will all be discussed. Yet Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is only in agreement with the latter of these three suggestions.

A fourth substitute would come into effect during extra-time of cup games in order to help relieve a team of cramp, fatigue, and a potential injury pile-up.

"I think the fourth substitute in extra-time is discussable," Wenger is quoted by the Arsenal’s official website as saying.

"It could bring something different to a team when everybody’s tired. Although nothing in these reforms seem to be major, interesting or designed to improve the quality of the game.

"Sin bins I am against. It has been tested and it didn’t work. It complicates a situation that is very simple in football and I believe we have to keep it as simple as possible.
"Being in football I always feel responsible to think, ‘How can we improve the quality of the game?’ None of these will really improve it."
During Arsenal's 1-0 midweek win over Roma in the Champions League, Arsenal could have benefitted from an extended half-time break as both William Gallas and Kolo Toure were late out onto the pitch - the Ivorian international was even booked for stepping onto the field without the referee's permission.

"Twenty minutes half-time break I am against. Apart from selling a few more beers at half-time, I don’t know how it will improve football," the Frenchman joked.

Alan Dawson,