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Tony Mowbray and Steve Bruce both take a conservative stance toward suggestions of 20 minute half-times and sin-binning...

Football's rulemakers are to discuss two major changes at a meeting in Belfast on February 28 that will directly change the way the game is officiated.

Two of the main proposals, a five minute extension at half-time and the introduction of 'sin-binning' as seen in rugby, have polarised opinion.

West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Mowbray and Wigan Athletic boss Steve Bruce have spoken out over their disapproval of the potential changes.

Mowbray told Sky Sports, "I personally don't see any problem with the game as it is at the moment.

"The danger of sin bins is that there may be reckless challenges in the game that the referee is umming and arring (sic) about and that he'll sin-bin him rather than send him off the pitch."

Bruce opined that instead of adding further rules to the game, the governing bodies in the sport should instead iron out confusion involved in other areas.

"I think they should sort out the complexities of the offside rule rather than introduce a sin bin. The rules have been going for 100 years, why change?" He asked.

Mowbray declared his concern that the prospect of extending half-time breaks to 20 minutes, instead of the customary 15, could see corporate advertisement and money working their way into football and eventually running the game, more so than it currently does.

"Extended breaks will bring in more advertisements which will probably end up running the game," he said.

Bruce is also opposed to it, as he believes 15 minutes is more than enough as it is.

"I think 15 minutes is enough. In my day it was ten minutes and I thought that was enough."

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