Report Finds That FIFA's '6+5 Rule’ Breaks No EU Regulations

FIFA's attempt to encourage top European clubs to nurture home-grown talent could have taken one step closer to implementation...
According to reports in the British media, FIFA's proposed '6+5 rule' has been boosted by the news that an investigation has found it to be legal.

It had been claimed that a measure to ensure every European club fields six players eligible to play for the country in which they play their domestic football would breach EU (European Union) regulations.

Apparently, the European commission, in addition to many EU governments, have warned that the new law could be deemed discriminating and seen to be limiting the free movement of workers.

However, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, who would like to employ the rule by the 2012-13 season, has been boosted by the finding that the law could at worst be accused of “indirect discrimination”.

"Any possible indirect discrimination can be defended on the basis of compelling reasons of general interest," the investigation found, according to The Sun.

"We wish to encourage the development of young players and protect national teams, this is why 6+5 is beneficial," Blatter is quoted as saying in The Daily Mail.

Ricky Brooks,