Berkovic Brands Grant As Failure

Former Israel international Eyal Berkovic has heavily criticised the failures of Avram Grant, following the coach being sacked by Chelsea this evening...
Berkovic, 36, retired from the game in 2006, having had spells at English clubs such as West Ham United, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City during his career.

Having played under Grant for the Israel national team, Berkovic has now spoken out following his sacking from the Chelsea job this evening, despite having led them to within one game of the Premier League title and one penalty kick of their first ever Champions League.

However, Berkovic has insisted Grant failed to communicate with the fans and the media - those these relationships were beginning to improve with time - and added that his compatriot undermined his predecessor, Jose Mourinho, when he was director of football at the club.

“I have already said that Avram made a number of serious mistakes: His inability to communicate with the English media … his failure to befriend the fans and the undermining of Jose Mourinho,” ranted Berkovic.

“All these led Roman Abramovich to understand that despite his affection and friendship with Avram, it would not be enough to improve Chelsea’s fortunes."

The former midfielder's words are to be taken with a pinch of salt, though, as he was dropped from the national team by Grant in 2004, which ended his national career two years before he quit the game altogether.

“I have no doubt that the day after he receives his severance pay cheque he will sit back at home and consider all the mistakes he made," added Berkovic.

"He has been a consummate media operator, knows how to deal with players, but he failed badly at Chelsea in both these tasks.

“Nevertheless, he will take with him a life-long souvenir — I don’t see any Israeli coach coaching a club the size of Chelsea in the next 20 or 30 years.”

He continued, insisting Grant had risen to the top of the game too quicky, and did not yet deserve to be there: “A coach, just like a player, must advance step by step. Avram passed over many stages on his way [to the top], he got to the top because of friendships and machinations and it was a mistake on his part.

"[No English clubs will consider appointing Grant] not because he is not a good coach, but because he made huge errors.”

Chet Winter,