Police arrest more than 100 football fans in Morocco

The authorities say supporters were involved in acts of vandalism during and after a league match between Raja Casablanca and FAR de Rabat
An estimated 193 football fans were arrested in Morocco on Friday for their alleged involvement in acts of violence before and after Thursday’s 1-1 draw between Raja Casablanca and FAR de Rabat in matchday 23 of the Botola league, the ministry of interior affairs said.

A communiqué said supporters entering or leaving the Casablanca stadium damaged public and private property including shops, vehicles and also caused public disorder in the city.

The newly constructed tramway line was also tempered with as well as public transport buses, according to the statement.

It is still unclear what caused the uproar, however, local pundits suggest rivalry between fans of the two sides could be the cause.

A police report earlier said investigations had been opened while the hunt for more suspects continued in the country’s largest city.