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The Fecafoot chief was summoned this week by the judiciary police in Cameroon over issues pertaining to management of public funds

Cameroon football federation president Iya Mohammed was heard on Monday by the country’s judiciary police over the management of government’s allocations to the body since he assumed office in 1998.

“During several hours Iya Mohammed was asked to justify his management of public funds allocated to the football federation since 14 years,” a source at the judiciary police sub-department of economic surveys told Cameroon daily Le Jour on Friday.

The Fecafoot’s third vice president Francis Mveng confirmed his boss' hearing but played it down as a routine enquiry.

“Iya Mohammed was heard early this week by the police, but it was simply a routine enquiry and there is no cause for fear,” Mveng said. “The president (Mohammed) has always being called upon to answer the same questions over and over again.”

The judiciary police opened an investigation following a complaint filed by the state against the FA in 2005 over suspicions in the management of proceeds from material sponsorship, broadcast rights, advertising and the participation of the Indomitable Lions in various international competitions.

“This case has been on for the past seven years and it’s not moving forward,” the Fecafoot media officer Junior Binyam told reporters in Yaoundé.

“I don’t know why they are talking about misappropriation of public funds here. We cannot talk about public money, because there is no public money in the accounts of Fecafoot. And even if there were cases of mismanagement, it is difficult to prosecute anyone in at the Fecafoot, because when money arrives at the body, it is directly managed by officials of the sports ministry."