Fifa tells Egyptian clubs to respect player contracts

Fifa has informed the Egyptian FA that it would be illegal for clubs to reduce their payments to players no matter their financial difficulties following the Port Said disaster

The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has posted a letter from Fifa on its official website indicating that clubs in the country are not permitted to reduce player wages in light of the financial damage caused by the league cancellation following the Port Said tragedy during which no less than 74 football fans lost their lives.

The correspondence was in response to a question sent by the EFA regarding the legality of it overseeing a process of contract renegotiation. Many Egyptian sides had requested FA intervention given their financial difficulties and had argued that they would not get as much value from their players since the 2011-2012 season was cancelled last week.

However, Fifa has made it clear that all clubs must honour pre-existing agreements without exception and pay their players their full wages on time.

Meanwhile, the EFA is still awaiting agreements from Egypt’s security forces to allow a tournament beginning on March 29 to replace the cancelled league fixtures.