Dismissed Egyptian FA chiefs will not appeal to Fifa

The members of the governing body were sacked by the country's parliament following the death of 73 fans in a domestic match and the ousted men will not challenge the decision
Dismissed Egyptian FA officials, including president Samir Zaher, will not appeal to Fifa over the decision after the country's governing body ruled it out.

The governing body's chiefs were fired after the Port Said riots, which claimed 73 football fans' lives at a domestic football fixture.

"We decided to prevent Samir Zaher - Chairman of the Egyptian Federation - traveling abroad to appeal the decision," a statement on the official website of federation of Egyptian football reads.

"The same applies for the Governor of Port Said (Ahmed Abdullah), director of security of Port Said (Issam Samak), Director General of Security Central in Port Said (Abdul Aziz Sami), and the commander of security forces Port Said (Omar Bekhet) and the director of the Port Said Stadium (Mohamed Youssef Mouawad)."

The African nation is mourning the loss of life and has been offered messages of condolences from all over the footballing community.

Tunisia will be wearing black armbands in their Africa Cup of Nations clash against Ghana in memory of the Egyptian dead.