2012 Africa Cup of Nations tickets on sale from Monday

Tickets for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations will be on sale from Monday December 12 in both host countries

General admission tickets to the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations will be on sale as from Monday December 12, 2011 in the host nations of the competition, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, the Local Organising Committee (Cocan) announced during the weekend.

The high commissioner of the Cocan in Gabon, Christian Kerangall, presented a prototype of the ticket at a press conference in Libreville on Friday and gave the list of ticket prices for the Amitie Sino-Gabonaise stadium in Libreville and the Renovation stadium in Franceville, across the different levels of the competition due to kick off on January 21 next year.

“Tickets for the group stage for grandstand and lateral will be 5,000 francs CFA (€7.65) flat both in Libreville and Franceville, while the VIP stands will be at 30,000 frs (€46) in Libreville and 20,000 frs (€31) in Franceville,” he said.

In the quarter-finals, grandstands and lateral will cost 10,000 frs (€15.5) in Libreville and 6,000 frs (€9.5) in Franceville. VIPs are 40,000 frs (€61.5) and 50,000 frs (€76.5) in Libreville and 20,000 frs (€31) in Franceville, according to the Cocan chief.

Tickets to the semi-finals in both cities for grandstands and lateral are 30,000 frs (€46) and 20,000 frs (€31) respectively, while VIPs will pay between 60,000 frs (€92) and 80,000 (€122.5) in Libreville and Franceville.

The final of the 28th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations will take place in Libreville on February 12 at the Amitie Sino-Gabonaise stadium and will cost attendants 30,000 frs (€46) for lateral and 50,000 frs (€76.5) for grandstands, with VIP stands at 80,000 frs (€122) and 100,000 frs (€153).

Kerangall also announced that the issuance of entry visas will begin on December 20, and will be based on Caf accreditation confirmation letters.

The special multiple-entry visa is valid for 45 days for entry into both Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, he said. Visitors from countries that do not have embassies of the host nations will have their visas issued at the port of entry.