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Yet another group game is held up due to bad weather...

A second group game at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Nigeria has been suspended due to torrential rainfall on Wednesday night after a Group D match involving New Zealand and Burkina Faso in Enugu was delayed for over an hour because of the heavy downpour.

The Group C match between Iran and Colombia is the latest encounter to be suspended because of rain and a flooded pitch.

Besides the pitch being flooded, there was also lightning, which could endanger the lives of the players and match officials.

The match has now been suspended for a quarter of an hour with the scores at 0-0.

Meanwhile, the late game in Group D in Enugu between Turkey and Costa Rica will have a delayed kick-off as a result of the late conclusion of the match between New Zealand and Burkina Faso, which eventually ended in a 1-1 draw after a long-drawn rain delay.

Samm Audu,