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One of Egypt's top stars has said he is considering quitting international football following allegations against the Egyptian team...

Egypt striker Mohamed Aboutrika has asked his country's FA to take action against a prominent television presenter, Amr Adib, who launched a vicious attack on the team after the Pharaohs lost out to the USA in the Confederation Cup in South Africa.

"I'm very unhappy after hearing such words. I sat down with FA chairman Samir Zaher and told him we would not accept that," said Aboutrika.

"We want the FA to restore our dignity and take action, otherwise I will retire.”

Aboutrika has also phoned Adib to defend his team-mates against the allegations of South African paper, The Sunday Independent.

"These players are very respectful, they can't do that. We pray five times a day and always act properly off the pitch," insisted the Ahly star, a devoted Muslim who is widely acclaimed by media for his good manners.

"You have the right to criticise us in terms of tactics but you don't have the right to talk about our morals."

Amr Adib, who presents a controversial talk show on ‘Orbit TV’, branded Egypt’s players "dirty" following their humiliating 3-0 defeat to the USA in the Confederations Cup.

He was commenting on allegations made by the South African paper that the players hired prostitutes following the Pharaohs' stunning 1-0 victory over world champions Italy.

Adib's comments have incurred the wrath of several Egyptian players, including skipper Ahmed Hassan, forward Mohamed Zidan and Aboutrika.

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