Player Ratings: Ghana 0-1 Egypt

The Black Stars couldn’t outshine the Pharoahs empire


Richard Kingson: 6.5 - Lived up to expectations in such a hot match against the veteran Pharoahs. Parried peppery shots from Ahmed Hassan, Muhamed Zidan and Al-Muhammadi.

Samuel Inkoom : 5 - Much was not seen from the FC Basel defender. But he made some important blocking when Egypt took control of the game in the second half.

Isaac Vorsah: 6.5 – Saved his side from an early goal by hacking down Moteab. Was versatile in the defence and shaky midfield later on.

Lee Addy: 6 – Participated in some vital defensive coordination that caged Ghana back from penetration. Hindered Moteab’s lone exploit that could have dropped a ball behind Kingson.

Hans Sarpei: 5.5 - Much was expected from the Bayer 04 Leverkusen defender, but his only show was being part of the fighters who assured the safety of Ghana backline each time the Pharoahs came tormenting.

Emmanuel Agyemang Badu : 7 - He was excellent in the first half but seemingly got drowned in the tense second half.

Anthony Annan : 6.5 – Made perfect combination with A. Gyan and A. Ayew in the midfield, putting more fear and doubt in the strong Pharoahs.

André Ayew: 7.5 - Was at the top of his game. Was always eluding Egypt’s defenders and remained a permanent ache for the Pharaohs.

Kwadwo Asamoah: 7.5 - Was a pest in the Egypt’s rearguard, provoking free-kicks and two yellow cards.

Asamoah Gyan: 8 – Was probably the man of the match. Made several attempts at El-Hadary post. Released a 20-yard free-kick that almost opened scoring early in the second half.

Agyemang Opoku: 8 – He is one man to reckon with in this final AFCON match. He caused Al-Muhamadi enormous trouble throughout. Tried uncountable shots at goal but without success. He defended fine, earning himself a yellow card.


Dominic Adiyiah: 4 – Replaced exhausted Gyan towards end of second half, but showed nothing to prove he had been the top scorer of last U-20 World Cup which his country won against Brazil.

Eric Addo: 4 -Came in for Opoku but it was too late for him to do anything.


Essam El Hadary: 7.5 – Was alert throughout the encounter which was pregnant with uncertainties. Collected several free-kick shots from the Ghanaians and kept shouting instructions to his men to be on guard.

Ahmed Al-Muhamadi: 8 – Was great all through the afternoon. He kept menacing Ghana defence through the right flank and quickly falling back to cover for his side. Brought the first yellow of the game by sweeping Opoku off touchline.

Wael Goma'a: 6.5 – Strongly protected Egypt’s defence unit through from both flanks.

Sayed Moawad: 6.5 – Fended off most of Ghana’s dangers invading from the left flank, and helped in stabilising the midfield towards the end of the first half.

Ahmed Fathy: 6 – Did his best defending and distributing until he was subbed towards the second half by Salem Moatasem.

Hani Said: 5.5 – Aptly blocked the right flank from Opoku and Anthony Anna’s speedy advances.

Ahmed Hassan: 7.5 - Did great job cooling the tempo of the match in the first half as the Black Stars kept firing it up. Pulled bullets at Ghana post and played well his captain role in keeping his mates from provocation.

Abd Rabo Hosni: 5.5 – Was essential in rebuilding Egypt’s midfield shattered by the highly technical Black Stars.

Mohamed Zidan: 7.5 - Was firmly in place collecting crosses and thundering at Richard Kingson, even though he couldn’t shake the Ghanaian net.

Emad Moteab: 8 – Was terrible throughout the evening. He gave Ghana’s Vorsah tough headache, also provoking free-kicks near Ghana box. He missed a golden goal after grabbing a cross from Hosni, but a Ghanaian defender stole the ball before he could kick it in.

Hosam Ghaly: 6.5 –His vital effort in the defence was recompensed by a yellow card when he unavoidably held down slipping Asamoah.


Mohamed Abdel Shafy: 4 – Came in for Moawad in second half and tighten the defence, shifting good balls to the midfield.

Gedo: 7.5 – He replaced Emad Moteab in the second half and did the job for Egypt by opening the goal with a soft, short cross from Zidan in the 85th minute. He carried the day and made possible Egypt’s dream of winning the trophy three consecutive times.

Moatesem Salem: 6 – Replaced Ahmed Fathy in the second half and contributed in the collective effort of the Pharaohs in marking and checking the rapid Black Stars.