African Nations Cup Fanview: Egypt Or Ghana, Who Do You Want To Win? sampled the views of supporters across the continent on who they want to see as African champions on Sunday...
As Sunday’s African Nations Cup final draws near, the continent is divided over who would emerge the champions of Africa for the next two years.

West African country Ghana are looking at the possibility of their fifth win in 27 years while Northern African heroes and defending champions Egypt is expected to fight to keep their unbeaten record of 18 matches.

Before the whistle blows for the commencement of the final, football fans across the continent have already made their stake with the majority hoping a young-sided Black Stars win to break the dominance of the Pharoahs.

Edmond Smith, a Ghanaian student told “The Egyptians have ruled Africa for far too long and it is about time another country took over. I think they have lost in advance because they are going to underrate the inexperience Ghana side. The Black Stars need to go into the game with a brave heart and they can break the hearts of the over-confident Pharaohs.”

“The Nations Cup is not meant for the Egyptians alone. Their unbeaten record will be broken on Sunday. There is nothing special about them. The Ghanaians should have a lot of confidence and must remain determined,” Fred Antwi, a Ghanaian replica jersey seller said.

Ade Yinka, a 36-year-old trader in Oshodi, Lagos, told that Ghana will lift the cup on Sunday. “Sunday is Ghana’s day. The Egyptians will fall. This Ghanaian squad knows how to play big teams and how to resist pressure - and how to protect goals. Additionally, they are every bit as technical as the Egyptians. The difference is, Ghana are much younger and capable to going down to extra-time without fatigue.”

However, Mo Shawaby an avid supporter of Egypt believes the Pharaohs are destined to rule African football forever.

“Nobody can beat Egypt. Absolutely nobody. We are the champions and we have been there and know what it takes to be there for two straight wins. Even Algeria and Cameroon could not stand up to us. As for this this young and weak Ghana side, we'll cut them into pieces on the pitch. I will bet with my life.”

“A man's gotta pick a side. Here's my prediction for the rest of CAN2010, Egypt to beat Ghana in the final,” @bonGarcon posted on his twitter.

Others had mixed feelings.

“Look, everybody wants Ghana to win, but the truth is no team in Africa can outplay Egypt at the moment. They are the most balanced team on the continent. Ghana may win on Sunday, but it'll take a miracle,” Obi Chukwudi, a 29-year-old banker from Port Harcourt in Nigeria told

“I support Ghana as a West African, but I’m afraid they don’t have what it takes to bring down the Egyptians. They play like a team and can stand any first class European team. They even deserve to be at the World Cup. For them, this is their World Cup and can’t afford to lose it. But anything can happen in football,” Kalvin Cudjoe, A Togolese living in Ghana summed it up in’s sample.