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A cash prize will be at stake between the two rivals and good friends...

There is $25, 000 at stake in the African Nations Cup group clash between Nigeria and Benin Republic, after strikers Obafemi Martins and Razak Omotoyossi took a bet over the outcome. According to Omotoyossi, the bet was made between both players soon after the draws were made.

"He is one of my best friends and he is someone I love and respect," Omotoyossi said in an interview with Nigerian newspaper The Nations. "We discuss all the time and as soon as we were grouped together he called me and said 'look we are going to win this time'.

"I said 'we (Benin Republic) are going to win. Then he said 'okay if Benin win, then you (Omotoyossi) will get twenty five thousand dollars' and I said no problem and that if Nigeria win I will give him twenty five thousand dollars and we sealed it there. It’s a deal. I don’t know how it got to journalists but the deal is sealed. He is my best friend so he cannot run away."

Omotoyossi is of Nigerian parentage but represents Benin Republic, and will be leading the Squirrels' attack later today.