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The COCAN committee release figures of police and security presence at the ongoing tournament.

The Command of the National Police in the neighbouring cities of the venues of the Orange CAN 2010 have tightened security following the Togo bus shooting last week.

The security committee of the tournament, together with government, has agreed to deploy 430 officers and 12 vehicles in an effort to tighten security at the tournament.

This information is expressed in a note from the safety and protection board of the COCAN 2010 (Organizing Committee of the tournament) at the end of the 4th national meeting of the institution, held in Luanda on  January 5 and 6.

According to the note, there are eight helicopters of the National Air Force to support the venues of the tournament. Also, measures for prevention and safety on national roads are already in operation, with police officers, firemen, medical emergency services and the Angolan army out in full force.

Those present at the meeting recommended that the safety and protection board of the COCAN 2010 ensure efficiency in all activities related to the event. They also emphasised the need for higher control of the migratory flow in the country, aiming to discourage illegal immigration.

The implementation of road prevention and control measures in the main and secondary roads of the country in order to decrease road accidents also topped the agenda.

The respective province commanders take responsibility of all service forces mobilised for safety at the tournament as resolved in the crisis meeting.

But the participants at the meeting expressed satisfaction with the work carried out in the provinces on ensuring safety conditions for the tournament.

Clyde Tlou,