OFFICIAL: CAF Spokesperson Confirms That Togo Are To Quit African Cup Of Nations

A spokesperson for the organisers is the source, and the Togolese are going home...
Togo's part in the African Nations Cup 2010 appears to have finally come to a definitive end after a CAF spokesman announced that the team is leaving its base and returning to their capital of Lome in the aftermath of Friday's fatal team bus shooting.

The CAF official told the AFP, "The (Togolese) bus is leaving (the team camp) for the airport, in order to repatriate the Togolese squad, and the two bodies."

The two bodies in question are those of assistant coach Abalo Amelete and press officer Stanislas Ocloo. The third fatal victim was the bus driver, a local resident who has yet to be named.

Contradictory reports have circulated all day as to Togo's eventual decision over their participation, which comes in the wake of the fatal shooting of three members of their entourage by Cabindan rebel forces on Friday.

However, that the latest information comes directly from the tournament organisers is an extremely strong indicator that the Sparrow Hawks will not be taking part in the biannual continental competition, which began on Sunday evening with a meeting between hosts Angola and Mali in Luanda.

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