Togo Goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale 'Stable' After Surgery In Johannesburg

The Togo reserve goalkeeper is in a stable condition at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg following surgery last night.
Togo goalkeeper Kodjovi Obilale is said to be in a stable condition following surgery in Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg last night. The Togolese team bus was shot at in a terrorist attack in Cabinda, Angola on Friday evening, killing three people and injuring others. Obilale had been reported dead by some news agencies, but is thought to be out of immediate danger.

Obilale arrived around 4pm GMT and was sent straight into surgery after he received two gun shot wounds to the lower back.

Milpark Hospital is considered to be one of the finest private hospitals with a reputation for being among the best trauma units on the continent.

This morning, following the surgery carried out at the hospital, a press release revealed that the player's operation went well, but it will be a few days before the full extent of his injuries are known.

Trauma specialist Elias Degiannis said that 25-year-old Obilale was stable, but sedated and on a respirator in the intensive care unit.

"The operation went smoothly," Degiannis, head of Obilale's medical team, told reporters.

Milpark doctors initially said Obilale had been hit by two bullets from an assault rifle, but after the operation it was discovered that it was one bullet, with the second injury caused by a fragment from the same bullet. According to doctors, such a bullet is capable of causing extensive injuries.

Ken Boffard, another trauma specialist caring for Obilale, said the player was alert and able to move his legs before the surgery, but in great pain. "It's therefore far too early to be able to assess the extent of his injuries," Boffard said.

"He is extremely fit and has very good resistance. So, it's very much in his favor that he is an athlete," added Boffard.

Peter Pedroncelli,