African Cup Of Nations Exclusive: AFCON Must Be Cancelled For Players' Safety - Togo's Guillaume Brenner

The midfielder has made it perfectly clear that the tournament should be called off...

With just hours to go before the 2010 African Cup of Nations in Angola is scheduled to kick off, Togo midfielder, Guillaume Brenner has demanded that the competition be cancelled in light of yesterday's gun attack on the Togo team bus which killed the driver and injured several others.

Speaking exclusively to, the 23-year-old revealed that at the moment, the Sparrow Hawks are not in the right frame of mind to participate in the championships. Guillaume, how are you after this attack?

Guillaume Brenner (GB): I am okay, but for now, we have no news about our team-mates who were hurt in the attack. This is something very frustrating but right now, we are only thinking about seeing our families. What happened yesterday? What did you see?

GB: We had just passed the border into Angola and five minutes later, in one moment, all the windows were shattered. I didn't know where it came from. We went under our seats  but there was blood everywhere and some of the players were screaming.

But then the escort saved our lives and they made the rebels flee. It is a tragedy for the bus driver because all of us know his family. If the escort had not been there, the rebels were going to kill us one by one. The escort saved our lives. Do you think you will be able to play in the competition?

GB: We are not thinking about that. For now, we only want to see our families. But we will know about it during the day. For now, it is clear that we cannot play. Do you think the competition must be cancelled?

GB: I think that some mistakes have been made. Now, I would say that the competition must be cancelled because the safety is more important than everything else. The World Cup is taking place in Africa this year and this kind of thing is not good for it.