Gold Coast United supporters launch plan to save the embattled A-League side

The embattled A-League club's small group of supporters have come together to form a steering committee to propose an alternative model to keep them alive in 2012-13
Gold Coast United supporters have come together to rally for the survival of the struggling club who saw owner Clive Palmer's licence revoked last week by Football Federation Australia (FFA).

Fans and local business people have constructed a streering committe to propose an alternative ownership model for the club to the FFA.

The meeting which took place at Griffith University drew about 150 supporters. In this 150 were two Gold Coast United sponsors, Gold Coast captain Michael Thwaite and interim coach Mike Mulvey.

The head of Griffith Univeristy's Business School, Professor James Skinner has claimed that the alternative model will more than likely involve a supporters' trust which could be worth around the AU$6 million mark.

"The first thing they have to do is have some discussions with the FFA in terms of what they require for the Gold Coast to remain viable," Skinner told AAP.

"I think they also need to speak to Clive Palmer about where he sees the club going and what role he would like to play in it."

Gold Coast United Supporters Club president Nathan Mulhearn sill believes there is hope to Palmer maintaining links with the team.

"The model we're trying to set up is that anyone donating money, or sponsoring, or being an investor wouldn't have the say or the power he had in the past," he said.

"So I think they would warm to the idea of Clive Palmer being involved if that was the case."

Though, Mulhearn concedes this might not all go to plan if the FFA is not in agreeance.

"There's a lot of water to go under that bridge and they might warm a little bit to it but the FFA might be a different story," he said.

However, Mulvey and the players are still hopeful of an investor bailing out the Queensland-based side.

"We've proven what we can do on the field and I think if anybody is prepared to back the team they've got the nucleus of a squad," Mulvey said. "But you know what, they need to act quickly because the vultures are already circling."

The steering commitee is hoping to get into formal talks with the FFA within in the coming week.

Meanwhile, Palmer has added another twist in the tale of the battle between himself and the FFA.

Palmer has gone on to purchase a large amount of advertisment and signage at Hunter Stadium for Friday's clash between Newcastle Jets and Gold Coast.

It is understood, Palmer plans to use his newly-bought advertisements to deck out Hunter stadium with his "Freedom of Speech" slogan.

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