Prime Minister Julia Gillard Pledges Support To Central Coast Mariners' Centre Of Excellence

Labor Government will commit funds to Tuggerah facilities.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has today announced a re-elected Labor Government will commit $10 million in funding to the Central Coast Mariners' Tuggerah Centre of Excellence.
The Mariners will become the first A-League club to have full and independent access to their training facility.

Once complete, the development will feature:
·       Two full size football fields and a grandstand for up to 3,000 fans;
·       A function, event and reception centre for club and community use;
·       Up to ten all-weather sports courts for Five-a-side soccer and other sports use;
·       A heated indoor pool and hydrotherapy centre for community use;
·       A gym and fitness centre for community use;
·       Facilities for delivering educational learning programs;
·       A sports medicine centre;
·       Amenities and car parking facilities and upgrade to the Wyong Rd roundabout; and
The fields will be used as a training facility for the Mariners, for matches of the National Youth League and also for events such as finals of local and interstate men’s and women’s tournaments.
The development will also include a community medical centre and a community dental centre.
The development will also generate around 200 jobs for local people through its development and beyond.
Work is expected to commence in early 2011 and is expected to be complete by early 2013.

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