Official: FFA Confirm North Queensland Fury Will Participate In A-League

The franchise have been saved by local businesses and the governing body.
Football Federation Australia today announced that North Queensland Fury Football Club will continue in the A-League.

Following a campaign that saw more than 8,000 people register their support and dozens of local businesses commit to investing in the club, the FFA has decided to provide additional support so that North Queensland will be represented in the 2010/11 A-League.

“The future of North Queensland Fury is an important part of our national football competition and it is clear to us that the fans and the community in North Queensland have a strong desire for the club to continue to grow,” said FFA CEO Ben Buckley.

“The F-Troop has been fantastic in their support and with so much passion for their young football club we could not let it fail.

“There has been a tremendous amount of commitment and a significant level of financial support generated from people and businesses in the area but there is still more work to be done.

“The job is far from finished and we will continue to talk to potential investors and sponsors to make sure NQF is a viable proposition in the long term.

“Now that it is clear that NQF has a future I urge anyone in the area interested in being part of the club to come forward as it is not too late to become involved in a meaningful way.”

The process will take several weeks and will involve putting in place operational, football and staffing plans for the club.

“It is an immediate priority for us to work through the contractual arrangements with the players and we will be doing that in consultation with them individually and with the player’s association," Buckley said.

He also said he wanted to acknowledge all involved with the first year at NQF.

“NQF was an extremely successful club in its first year in the A-League especially on the pitch and everyone involved deserves to be congratulated,” Buckley said.

“I would particularly like to thank the original owner Don Matheson for all of his hard work and his significant financial commitment and without him there would not have been a club in the region in the first place.”