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It could be a coup for the Sydney club, though there have been stumbling blocs to a potential move in the past.

Sydney FC have reportedly not ruled out signing Portuguese superstar Luis Figo as a guest player, despite the 36 year-old having retired from professional football.

Sydney FC Football Manager Dave Mason told the Sydney Morning Herald that a player of Figo’s stature would be perfect for the A-League club.

The inaugural champions made contact with Figo’s agent Rob Jansen two months ago but hit a stumbling bloc when the player outlined his desire to play in the finals series at the end of the regular season – which guest players are unable to do under the league’s rules.

“Obviously someone of that stature is exactly the sort of guest player you'd want, but the timing wasn't right,'' Mason said.

''If he changes his mind and wants to come out sooner rather than later, then we'd definitely consider it.

“Our position on a guest player remains the same - if we can get someone in the attacking third, with the right sort of CV, then we are keen to do it.''

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