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Goal has joined the online initiative to raise awareness of the battle against prejudice, ignorance and intolerance within the game

Goal has thrown its support behind the campaign started by Barcelona forward Neymar to help rid football of racism.

The football community was appalled at the incident that occurred at El Madrigal on Sunday night, with a banana being thrown at Blaugrana defender Dani Alves by a Villarreal supporter.

To his credit, Alves responded in the best way possible, by picking up the banana and eating it.

Straight after the game, the full-back's Barca team-mate Neymar went on social media site Instagram to express his disgust at what had happened.

"We are all equal, we are all monkeys, say no to racism," he wrote, accompanied by the hashtag #weareallmonkeys.

"It's a shame that there's such prejudice in 2014. It's time for people to raise their voices. My way of expressing my support is to do what Dani Alves did.

"If you think so too, take a picture of yourself eating a banana and we will use what they have against us to our advantage." 

And that is exactly what we at Goal have done. We ask you to support the campaign and send in your pictures to our Twitter account @goal_int, using the hashtags #WeAreAllMonkeys and #SayNoToRacism, and we will retweet the best.