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The Blues midfielder has heralded his England team-mate...

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has described Manchester United's Wayne Rooney as the best player he has ever played with.

"Wayne is the most talented player I have ever played alongside," Lampard told The Sun.

"As a midfielder, as soon as I get on the ball I want to play it in behind the other team's midfield or defence.

"I need someone to be ahead of that action, already getting into a good position," he explained.


"As you learn to play with Wayne, you realise that his awareness is exceptional. It's his key strength.

"Wayne Rooney is an incredible player. He would get into any club or international side in the world."

Lampard then went on to discuss the reputation of his new manager, comparing him with Chelsea legend Jose Mourinho.

"I don't think Carlo Ancelotti will have any issue with stepping out of Mourinho's shadow whatsoever," said the England international.

"Ancelotti has come to us having won the UEFA Champions League twice and the Italian league.

"He's worked at the highest level and is respected as being one of the top coaches in the world.

"I don't think it's fair to say he has anyone else's reputation to concern himself about," remarked Lampard.

"If we can win the Premier League or the Champions League this year, he'll have been a success in his own right and no one will be asking that question."

Owen Watson,