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The Dutch midfielder believes the Togo international is a huge presence at the club...

Nigel De Jong believes there will be difficult challenges ahead for Manchester City, but thinks that having Emmanuel Adebayor at the club is a huge plus for the Citizens.

"The new players have to blend in, and that's not easy," he told the club's official website.


"For them, it's a new club, a new environment and we all have to get to know each other a bit more before the real work begins.

"The first half on Wednesday [against Rangers] showed that we really can play football, all of us, and having Ade up front is great," continued De Jong.

"He's strong and he can keep the ball really well, and that allows the midfielders to get around him," he added.


"The atmosphere in the squad is good."

Talking up Adebayor's qualities, De Jong was clearly thrilled that the African hitman has joined Manchester City.

"Ade's great in the air, but he's got a great technique on the ground as well. He could make a big difference for us this season," said the Dutchman.

"He's joined because we are trying to make ourselves into the biggest club, he knows what is involved and that there's a lot of hard work to earn his place in the team," he continued.

Another player De Jong believes will be influential is Gareth Barry.

"He's a good left-footer, which you always need, and his experience in the Premier League is going to be very important for the team," said De Jong.


"With having played so many games, he knows how it is and how a lot of opponents work.

"It's great he's on our side rather than against us."

The Dutchman revealed that Barry has taken on a mentor role and is helping him adapt to the Premier League.

"Gareth's helping me as well, we're sharing our experiences," he explained.


"I've played in other leagues but I've only been here six months and I need to learn how the Premier League works.

"I've not played in every ground yet, so it's good that he's alongside me to help me out."

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