Tottenham Hotspur Demanding Too Much For Darren Bent - Steve Bruce

The Black Cats boss says Spurs are asking too much for their striker...
Darren Bent's proposed transfer to Sunderland is in doubt as the clubs have failed to agree on a fee for the striker.

Black Cats manager Steve Bruce turned his attention to the former Charlton Athletic forward after missing out on Peter Crouch but it now looks like he will be frustrated again.

When asked about the possibility of signing Bent, Bruce told The Sunderland Echo, "It's one we are visiting but we can't wait around forever.

"We are still a bit short – way off in terms of valuation at the moment. We will look at it, but if we can't agree we can't agree.

"We will move on to the next one because we can't go on forever. We are not making much headway."

Bruce was speaking after seeing his side beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 in the Amsterdam tournament, Kieran Richardson claiming both the goals.

Meanwhile, Bent could do little to help his present club, Spurs, as they lost 2-0 to Celtic in the Wembley Cup.

John Silk,