Messi More Concerned With Málaga Than Maradona

Lionel Messi has today said that despite the rumours surrounding Diego Maradona's appointment as Argentina manager he is more worried about Barcelona's upcoming La Liga match with Málaga...
All the talk about Lionel Messi lately might have been to do with the possible appointment of Diego Maradona as Argentina head coach but the Barcelona man has other things on his mind.

In an interview with Spanish daily AS the young forward says that he is more worried about Málaga this weekend than he is about Maradona.

"Málaga worry me more, they are our next opponents and we must win the game," he said, "They are in good form and will make it difficult."

"We have a good team, we are working well and the results are arriving. It is a case of continuing in that way," he opined.

Messi did speak about Maradona though and said that despite his reported antics off the field it is what he did on it that really counts.

"One must remember what he did and the fact that for us (Argentines) he is a massive person. What interests us now is to get a good group and to win games. There is no problem with me or with any of my team-mates," he assured.

One team-mate who has been in the press a lot though regarding the Maradona rumours has been Sergio Agüero, who is engaged to the daughter of the former player. Messi says that Kun earns his position though and that there will not be any problem.

"A problem for Kun? Please! He doesn't have to prove anything either with Atlético or the national team. If people continue speaking about it then it will be worse for him than for the manager," he declared.

James Walker-Roberts