Pele Better Than Maradona - Beckenbauer

German legend Franz Beckenbauer has spoken regarding Diego Maradona's appointment as the new coach of Argentina and he has lunged in with a fierce verbal tackle. The former Bayern Munich man still believes Pele is the greatest ever player, not the ex-Napoli star...
The 'Kaiser' has revealed his surprise at the move and he insists Pele was a better player than El Pibe d'Or. Beckenbauer seems bitter with Maradona and he has poured scorn on the 1986 World Cup winner.

"Maybe this comes in time for Maradona so he can find a break from his turbulent lifestyle," said the former German international as reported by

"Managing the team is completely different to playing in it. You have to be more responsible. The lifestyle is also important but Maradona's life hasn't really been tranquil by any means over the years.

"In any case I am happy for him and I am looking forward to meeting him when he comes here for Di Michelis."

Beckenbauer has also stired up more debate as to who was better between Pele and the Argentine.

"The greatest, in my opinion, continues to be Pele," added the Kaiser.

"The reason is because you have to have a special integrity as a person and Maradona has always lived his life to excess."

Maradona's first task is to lead his country to the 2010 World Cup before he can think about winning it. Beckenbauer's words are not likely to go down too well with the Argentina coach who is famous for hitting back.

Salvatore Landolina