Argentine Debate: Was Maradona The Right Choice???

Finally after hours of speculation Diego Armando Maradona was appointed the head coach of the Argentine national team. Clearly as shocked as everyone, Gregory Sica wonders whether it was the right choice?

Just a couple of hours ago Diego Armando Maradona, himself, confirmed that he will become the new coach of the Argentine national team, and he will be given the responsibility to lead Los Albicelestes into the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Despite his inexperience, Maradona beat out the likes of Carlos Bianchi, Sergio Batista, and Miguel Angel Russo for the position. His assistant will be Carlos Bilardo, the coach who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup.

Even though he has only been in office for merely a few hours, Maradona has already stamped down his authority, saying that he will make ALL the decisions, and everyone will have to listen to him no matter what.

"I will choose the team, I will be the only one to do so. Of course I will be listening to Carlos (Bilardo) in everything, because you can't avoid listening to a man who knows so much," Maradona said, almost instantly after having been given the news.

Maradona also admitted that Argentina have to win back their "winning mentality" and it will be his job to do this, as they aim to pick up their game in the World Cup qualifiers, before heading into world sport's most important competition in South Africa in less than two years time.

"El Diez" who left a lot to be desired when he coached Deportivo Mandiyu and Racing Club during the mid-nineties, affirmed that he will take more of an interest in local based players than his predecessors, and if it were up to him they would make the basis of his side, along with the inclusion of Argentina's superstars from Europe.

"We have been talking about this, the directors know this very well. When the national team needs it, the directors have to put on the Argentina shirt. With that base we will do well," he explained.

There's no question that Maradona will make dramatic changes to the Argentine national team when he officially takes over as the head coach. He has already suggested major changes, and this only immediately after he was appointed the head coach on Tuesday.

Maradona has failed as a coach in the past, and lacks the necessary experience to lead such a high-profile team, who incidentally are going through a rough time, with only one victory in their last seven World Cup qualifiers.

GOAL.COM asks you, the viewer, whether you are...SHOCKED, SURPRISED, WORRIED, or EXCITED??? Was Maradona the right choice? Does the fact that he was an amazing player mean he could succeed as a coach? Will his proposed changes benefit Los Albicelestes? Or lead to their downfall? What style of football will he get the team playing? And finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY can Maradona lead Argentina to the 2010 World Cup title?

Gregory Sica