thumbnail Hello, provides an English response to Mr Garganese's Tuesday Calcio debate that Sky Sports portray the Italian league in a bad light, while saying that the Premier League is without fault.

''And they're off! They couldn't get out of the traps though 'cause they're fast asleep... who can wake up first, this is a thrilling terrace encounter to make up for the eye-gauging, bullet-in-your-brain deploying, boring-boring performances on the fields of Serie A."

It is highly unfortunate for those seeking football fixes but there is not enough interest in Italian football in England to consider broadcasting it on Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, or any mainstream media in England for that matter.

They've tried before, and failed. C4's Football Italia was a welcome addition to a Sunday morning but has since been taken off air in favour of an omnibus of Hollyoaks - never underestimate the pulling power of hungover and sexually frustrated students.

What makes the decision to ax a highlights package and not even broadcast the high-profile Italian games more frustrating for folk that want to watch things like the Derby della Madonnina live on the tube, is that Curling; Baseball; and Nascar are given preferential treatment over a league that - perhaps unfairly - cannot shake off a label of one that resembles 'competitive sleeping'.

Sky Sports though do not place the Premier League on an unobtainable pedestal reserved only for holier than thou Anglicans in pursuit of scintillating pacey football, they are quick to highlight the negatives of the domestic league.

For instance:

- Refereeing standards are heavily criticised on a weekly basis;

- Footballers (mostly British, admittedly) are lambasted for a lack of respect shown towards officiators (hence the new FA directive);

- Divers are hung, drawn, and quartered but then put back together so they can dosado over the pitch the next week;

- There are constant calls for the introduction of video technology;

- And the proposal of a 39th Premier League game abroad was rightly regarded as pub-talk that had somehow seeped into the lucid world.

Sky Sports are a news outlet and as such have a duty to report on the 'Calcio stereotypes' as they are the biggest stories.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich's wonder goal against Bologna was not given as much airtime as it deserved in England, but alas a match report could still be found on their website.

By no means do I worship at the cathedral of Sky... they may deny me access to one of the greatest leagues in the world, but they at least charge me £90 for the privilege. Thanks.

Alan Dawson